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mailto obfuscator.exe

This TOTALLY FREE program helps you hide email addresses from spambots.
Completely free program to code email addresses on your web pages so that they cannot be easily found by spambots.

The coded email address will work on just about any browser out there. The user does not need to have Java or JavaScript enabled for it to work.

To see an example, view the source code of this web page and look for the obfuscated code of the mailto: link at the end of this document.

This program will run on your own computer behind your firewall where your information is safe and secure (your firewall software will tell you if a program is attempting to contact the internet). Avoid web pages that obfuscate email addresses for you. They could be collecting the very information you are trying to protect.

  • View the documentation here.


    You may use this program free of charge. You may give it to your friends as long as you don't charge anything for it's distribution.

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    Download (right click and Save Target As) to install the program on your computer.

    This software was written by:

    The Land of Awes Information Services
    Post Office Box 16782
    Wichita, KS 67216-0782